Bob Williams is our Senior Instructor, he has worked in the aviation industry for over 40 years and has clocked up more than 21,000 hours airborne time whilst flying all over the World. Bob has spent many years training Pilots for the airlines and understands the value of flight simulators. He also knows they can be terrific fun. The level of realism that can be achieved in a modern device is quite remarkable and if you have always wondered what it is like to fly an aircraft, this is a great way to find out. Whether you are looking for formal pilot training or merely a fun experience, our team of instructors can tailor your session accordingly. Should this encourage you to take flying lessons, we can provide those too, in one of Ravenair’s training aircraft.

Ravenair Flying School (Link) also operates a EASA/CAA Fully Approved FNPT II Flight Simulator which is used for Advance Flying Training Courses and In-House by Ravenair Flying School and AOC Pilots for currency and scenario based flying.