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AOC Recruitment

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We regularly recruit throughout the year for our AOC team. Are you looking for a new flying adventure? What are you waiting for? Apply now!

Roles Available

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process for all roles is a 4 stage process. Please see the image which explains this further.


Recruitment Opening

Our recruitment process is different to that of other companies. Whereas recruitment is often open for only a few weeks at a time, we operate a year-round recruitment process. As most of our work is at the demand of clients, we regularly need a varying number of pilots.


To be able to do this, we always accept applications for all roles. If you are successful during Stage 2 of the process, you will be kept in a hold pool until we require pilots, at which point you will be invited to a Stage 3 assessment. You will be contacted regularly whilst in the hold pool to check that you are still wishing to wait for an assessment.

Application Form

It’s time to apply! Please use the application form below to start the process.

Please note: only applications submitted via this form will be considered. Any applications that are emailed directly to an email address will automatically be rejected.


Application Form

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