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Trial Lesson

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Trial Lessons are great as both a gift, as well as a starting point for those who are considering a career in aviation. 

What is a Trial Lesson? 

A trial lesson is a flying lesson with one of our instructors. This is a great way to experience the thrill of flying in a light aircraft. You will be fully briefed by your instructor on the day and take to the skies over the Liverpool and Merseyside area. You will be able to have a go at the controls once in the air – and take in the amazing views – including the Liverpool skyline, Everton and Liverpool football grounds – and maybe even your own house! 


Trial Lessons are great as both a gift, as well as a starting point for those who are considering a career in aviation. 


The trial lesson loosely follows the first lesson of the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) syllabus, so the time counts towards the minimum 45 hours needed for the issue of the PPL.  


It is a great way to make sure you like flying, and also to meet our team and get a feel for our amazing school. 


Not interested in getting a licence? Don’t worry! The trial lesson is the perfect gift for your family and friends.  


Do I Actually Fly It? 

Absolutely, as long as you want to! As soon as we get you in the air, your instructor will teach you the basics, after which you can fly for the majority of the lesson until we need to land.  


We can tailor the flight to accommodate requests, where possible. Want to fly over your house? We’ll see what we can do! Want a tour of Liverpool, or the Welsh coast? Not a problem! 


We offer both 60 Minute Trial Lessons and Half-Day Trial Lessons in 2 seat and 4 seat aircraft: 

• 60 Minute 2-seat (Piper Tomahawk) Trial Lesson: £190.00 

• 60 Minute 4-seat (Piper Warrior/Cherokee) Trial Lesson: £220.00

• Half-Day 2-seat (Piper Tomahawk) Experience: £460.00 

• Half-Day 4-seat (Piper Warrior/Cherokee) Experience : £545.00 


The Half-Day Trial Lesson Experience – Visit another airfield in one of our aeroplanes! Choices of destination include Caernarfon, Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green, Leeds East (and others may be accommodated on request). Lunch will also be included. 


If you choose to go for a 4-seater experience – you may be able to take a passenger with you in the back! (subject to passenger weight) 


Important Information

Our 2-seater Piper Tomahawk has a weight limit of 85kg. Anybody over 85kg is therefore required to fly in our 4-seater Piper Warrior or Cherokee. 

Additionally, if the voucher is being purchased for a child under the age of 16, a voucher for the 4-seater will be necessary due to the need for an adult to accompany the flight. 

If you have any questions or would like to book a trial lesson, please contact us via telephone, email or drop in to our Flying School! 

0151 728 4744 


Ravenair Flying School 

Business Aviation Centre 

Viscount Drive 

Liverpool John Lennon Airport 


L24 5GA 

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