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Ravenair operates a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved engineering workshop housed within the Business Aviation Centre at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.


Ravenair operates a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved engineering workshop housed within the Business Aviation Centre at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. The company holds Part 145 approvals for line and base maintenance on single and multi-engine piston and turboprop aircraft, and Cessna Citation Series 500 – 560XL and 650 business jet types. Ravenair also has Part M Subpart G CAMO approval. The Company also has BCAR Approval for Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness. 

Ravenair Engineering also has access to maintenance staff holding US Federal Aviation Administration ‘A&P’ approval. 


Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Certificate & BCAR 

Maintenance Organisation Part 145 Certificate & BCAR 

Management & Leasing

Management & Leasing

Owning, managing and operating an aircraft requires a high standard of expertise and knowledge; it is also very time consuming. Ravenair offers an Aircraft Management solution to suit your needs, by managing and operating the aircraft on your behalf. 


Ravenair operates an UK PART-OPS, Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), which includes a Continuing Airworthiness Management Approval, so you can be assured of the highest standards. Both operations and maintenance are regulated and audited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Our operatIons are also audited by several industry leading specialist aviation auditing organisations including Shell Aircraft International and IBAC IS-BAO. 


We take care of all the details as if your aircraft was one of our own, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of ownership. Ravenair operates 24 hours, 365 days a year. Your aircraft can be operated privately or it can be included on our AOC, which means the aircraft can be chartered out, offering offset against your costs of ownership. We can also offer a hybrid solution of private (NCO/NCC) and AOC use. 


In addition to our own core fleet of 25+ aircraft we manage and operate PC12 and TBM940 Series Single Engine Turbine Aircraft for a variety of organisations and owners. We have the ability to operate the aircraft on our AOC and for NCO “Private” Operation including hire and leasing activity. We are not affiliated to the Distributor or OEM and this gives us and the owner a greater level of independence.  

We can also provide bespoke adhoc services such as dispatch, flight planning, slot co-ordination to any third party.


Aircraft management services include: 

Organising, employing and training crew.

Continuing Airworthiness Management & Maintenance scheduling. 

An Operations Department to organise your flight plans, slots and permissions, dispatch, catering and cleaning.

Organising insurance. 

Providing legal and accounting procedures and advice. 

Ravenair aircraft are also available for lease. We have experience in leasing our Survey aircraft to other operators to compliment their own fleet during periods of high demand. 

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