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Instrument Rating Restricted (IR(R))

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A UK only rating allowing you to fly in cloud and worse weather than you are used to, without the faff of a full instrument rating! What's not to love?

Key Numbers

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First Time Pass


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Average Time to Complete Course (full-time)

3 weeks

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Average Time to Complete Course (hours)

15h 18m

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£4,115 (PA28)

£5,100 (P28U)


To apply for the rating (not to start the course), you must have:

  • PPL(A)

  • 25 hours total time after PPL(A) issue, to include:

    • 10 hours as PIC​

    • 5 hours cross-country Rating Restricted (IR(R)) Rating Restricted (IR(R))


The IR(R) allows the holder to:

  • Fly under Instrument Flight Rules in Class D, E, F, and G airspace, in the United Kingdom only

  • Fly instrument approaches to published decision altitudes

The Course

The Instrument Rating Restricted (IR(R)) training course is a minimum of:

  • 15 hours flying training, of which:

    • 10 hours must be instrument flight instruction

  • 1 theoretical exam​

  • Skills test

Whilst not required by regulation, our course also includes 5 hours ground school.

Why do an IR(R)?

The IR(R) is the only rating you can do that will save you money in the long term. Yes, you read that right!

An IR(R) allows you to credit time towards your full Instrument Rating. For most pilots, this will allow you to reduce your IR course from 45 hours to 15 hours. This is 30 hours in the simulator that you save, at a cost of £242 an hour. 

Therefore, by spending £4,115 on an IR(R), you can reduce the cost of an IR by £7,260. That's an overall saving of £3,145 for doing an extra rating! An absolute no-brainer. Rating Restricted (IR(R)) Rating Restricted (IR(R))


The IR(R) is paid for as a package.

The cost of the course is £4,115 in the PA28, and £5,100 in the P28U. Our P28U contains advanced avionics, and we strongly recommended undertaking the course in this aircraft.

Our package includes everything listed in "The Course" above, including all landing and approach fees.

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