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Multi Engine Rating (MEP)

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Sure, one engine is fun. But why not make it a little more interesting and learn to fly with two?

Key Numbers

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First Time Pass


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Average Time to Complete Course (full-time)

2 weeks 

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Average Time to Complete Course (hours)

6h 19m

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To apply for the rating (not to start the course), you must have:

  • PPL(A)

  • 70 hours pilot in command Engine Rating (MEP) Engine Rating (MEP)


The MEP (Land) allows the holder to fly multi-engine piston aeroplanes with wheeled landing gear.

The Course

The Multi Engine Piston (MEP) rating training course is a minimum of:

  • 7 hours ground school

  • 6 hours flying training, of which:

    • 3.5 hours must be asymmetric flight training

  • 1 theoretical exam​

  • Skills test Engine Rating (MEP) Engine Rating (MEP)


The MEP (Land) is paid for as a package, which costs £4,750.

Our package includes everything listed in "The Course" above, including all landing and approach fees.

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