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Night Rating

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Some of the best flying views are at night. See what it's all about with a night rating!

Key Numbers

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First Time Pass


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Average Time to Complete Course (full-time)

4 days

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Average Time to Complete Course (hours)

5h 00m 

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£1,199 PA38

£1,320 PA28 


To apply for the rating (not to start the course),

you must have a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Rating Rating


The Night Rating allows the holder to operate any

aircraft they hold a valid class/type rating for at night.

Training Course

The Night Rating training course is a minimum of:​

  • 5 hours flying training, of which:

    • 3 hours must be dual

    • A cross country flight of 27NM or more must
      be conducted

    • 5 full stop takeoffs and landings as PIC must
      be performed (solo)


There is no test at the end of the night rating course. Rating Rating


The Night Rating is paid for as a package. Our package

includes everything listed in the "The Course" section

above, including all landing and circuit fees.

The Night Rating package costs £1,199 for the 2 seat PA38 or £1,320 for the 4 seat PA28.  

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