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Single-Engine Class Rating Instructor (CRI-SE)

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This course allows you to teach for the purposes of a SEP rating only - not for the issue of a licence (PPL or LAPL)

Key Numbers

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First Time Pass


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Average Time to Complete Course (full-time)

1 week

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Average Time to Complete Course (hours)


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£2,900 (PA38)

£3,080 (PA28)


To start the Single-Engine Class Rating Instructor course, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Have completed 300 hours flight time as pilot on aeroplanes 

  • Have completed 30 hours as PIC on the relevant class of aeroplane. Class Rating Instructor (CRI-SE) Class Rating Instructor (CRI-SE)


As a Single-Engine Class Rating Instructor, you can instruct for: 

  • The issue, revalidation and renewal of single-engine class ratings 

  • A towing or aerobatic rating, after completing the applicable requirements to instruct for each 

  • The extension of LAPL(A) privileges to another class or variant or aeroplane.

The Course

The training must contain, as a minimum: 

-25 hours teaching and learning theory 

-10 hours technical training (classroom theory) 

-3 hours flight training 

-Skills test. Class Rating Instructor (CRI-SE) Class Rating Instructor (CRI-SE)


The SE CRI course must be purchased as a package. Packages include all items listed in “Training Course” above, as well as all landings and circuit fees, as well as examiner hire and aircraft hire for the skills test. 


The package costs £2,900 in a PA38, and £3,080 in a PA28. We strongly recommend using the PA28 and finding a “course buddy” (which we can help with), to allow you to benefit from “back seating” someone else’s flights. 

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